HUGO Creative Releases Timely Parody of Apple’s classic Ad: 1984

HUGO Creative releases “2023”, a parody of Apple’s “1984” ad to stimulate greater social awareness around screen time issues and the necessity of putting digital wellness at the forefront.

Airing only once during the 1984 Super Bowl, the original Apple ad is still widely regarded as one of the most iconic Super Bowl ads of all time.

This new parody offers a near shot-for-shot poignant new look at how the world’s most beloved tech company has morphed over the past 39 years. Aiming to provoke insightful and constructive conversation on the ever-evolving issue of screen time and social media addiction, HUGO’s Founder, Matt Guastaferro, shared,

“While the original message was honorable and noble, it has tarnished over time. We created this version in our unique, playful style and added our own twists to reveal a message that is vitally pertinent to our current society where new technology emerges almost daily and social media addiction runs rampant.”

Guastaferro concluded, “Having finally seen the documentary “The Social Dilemma” just last year, along with witnessing the impact that screen time and social media has on my daughter, even at a young age, transformed this simple passion project into a pursuit for creating a more meaningful commentary on the current state of human connection. This year marks the 39th anniversary of Apple’s “1984” ad, so it felt appropriate to unveil this new version for the first time now.”

To learn more about “2023” and its mission, click here.

About HUGO Creative:

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