MAKE Launches New Development of MAKE Originals

Animation studio, MAKE, known for their reputable work in the advertising world, sets sights beyond commercial work and dives into original content production with MAKE Originals, an in-house development and production division.

With a passion for storytelling and commitment to innovation, MAKE enters the realm of original content by creating eye-catching animated micro-short films.

“Our goal is to provide bite-size content that is accessible, unique, and resonates with viewers globally. Exploring this new way to experience some of the most exciting and imaginative stories ever told is the future.” – Danny Robashkin, Executive Creative Director.

The 2023 lineup of MAKE Originals will launch as follows; (in order) Mechsplorers, Dead Moon Walking, Bravehurts, House of The Outlands, and Mythic Co.

In a distant galaxy, a strange and alien world has been discovered. It is a verdant earth-like planet with sprawling, robotic animal life. So the most scientific scientists of Earth decided to send their best and their brightest (The Robotsons) to explore this world for new technologies, and unravel the mysterious origins of these so-called Mechs. To survive you must be a brilliant scientist, the best of engineers, and possess rugged survivalist instincts. You have to be a — Mechsplorer.

“Developing Mechsplorers posed quite a few technical challenges for us as a team. Given the scale and complexity of the production we had to overcome several hurdles to pull it off. However, the experience proved to be an invaluable opportunity for growth and development, pushing us to hone our skills and expand our abilities, and hence, equipping us to deliver high-quality work with greater ease.” – Aaron Dabelow, Technical Director.

Go watch the first Mechsplorers Episode NOW on MAKE Originals Youtube channel.


About MAKE:

Founded in 2004, MAKE is a creation studio that specializes in the art of storytelling through animation, visual effects, and motion graphics.
Since its launch, MAKE Creative Studio took a curated approach to storytelling by enjoying all aspects of the creative process from start to finish. All and all MAKE promotes the most rewarding work stems from a strong sense of teamwork, collaboration with our clients, and a desire to create something fresh and compelling.