Nerdo Relaunches with Full Studio Rebrand

Nerdo, best known for animation and design, has announced a new company vision and creative offering under the mantra of “Bolder. Braver. Wiser.”, pivoting away from production-only toward a full creative service.

Nerdo says, “In today’s market, where new creative companies bloom every day and where many are looking to AI and new technologies to replace originality and creativity, we felt the need to reflect on the growth path of the company, asking what Nerdo’s role is within today’s market, sharing a new company vision that can reflect the inner core of more than 10 years of experience.”

The three pillars of the new company vision are creative thinking, innovation, and originality, enabled via a “more effective, more dynamic communication path” summed up in a manifesto titled “Bolder. Braver. Wiser.”

Nerdo says, “Our offering is to enhance creative thinking and design techniques, but also work with new skills and technologies. The goal is to be a partner for clients, working in synergy to create innovative solutions that are memorable, impactful, and out of the ordinary.”

Founded by Lorenzo Levrero, Daniele Gavatorta, and Alessandro Durando in 2009, Nerdo has created animated work for Nike, Oppo, McDonald’s, Netflix, MTV, Sky, Fila, Dolce e Gabbana and many others winning 12 PromaxBDA, 3 Motion Awards, a Clio Award, and many others.

“We want to catalyze clients and people who see the world as we do. We want to be a driving force in our industry and help our customers achieve their goals in a more authentic, courageous, and certainly different way."






The rebrand includes a new website, made in collaboration with Parco Studio and Muvobit, and an “anti-logo”, a sequence of five flashing colors, one for each letter, accompanied by original sound design.

Nerdo says, “Our core values are expressed in a new, disruptive, way to communicate the studio identity: no more a logo, but more a conceptual mark. We believe that in an exclusively digital world, our identity can be represented by a combination of sounds and colors, giving a much more incisive and cutting-edge expression of our values.”

Bolder. Braver. Wiser

Bolder – “Impactful ideas, unexpected choices.”

Nerdo is recognised for its ability to combine extremely different worlds, styles, or techniques through an innovative visual language. The new team of creative thinkers and directors will bring their own specific perspective on contemporaneity, and their own unique creative languages, such as live-action and mixed media.

Braver – “Elevating clients unafraid to travel the unexplored path.”

Nerdo enables clients to be original, stay true to themselves, and deliver a clear and transparent message.

Wiser – “Experience makes you wiser.”

Nerdo is a partner more than a provider. Through our depth of experience, we find synergy with our clients’ vision and needs, and come up with revolutionary solutions that change the way they operate. We bring a unique, disruptive, and anti-cliché vision of the creative studio, seeking to challenge expectations.