Serial Cut Joins Final Frontier Roster

Serial Cut has signed to the Final Frontier roster in Asia.

Across more than two decades the Madrid-based art direction studio has established a stellar global reputation, crafting iconic imagery, animation, and extended realities, using digital, physical, or virtual techniques, for clients like Adobe, Nike, Toyota, Diesel, and Google.

On the opportunity in Asia, Serial Cut Founder & Creative Director, Sergio del Puerto, says:

“I think in the last 2 years there has been an exponential growth of creativity and I really appreciate how Europe and Asia are both more open to join forces nowadays, making great projects together. It’s exotic and exciting for us to work with Asian clients. We think it gives more value as a studio, like, “Oh, you guys work for Asia and make cool projects!” And this makes me feel proud, as Serial Cut had always done international projects, but mostly for the US and Europe.”

Serial Cut and Final Frontier have already collaborated on a soon-to-be-released project. Del Puerto says:

“I just experienced first-hand that the Final Frontier team has the same level of professionalism and commitment we do, and I really appreciate this. We feel very comfortable and that’s important for achieving a successful project.”

He adds:

“I love that the roster is very well-selected, and unique, so we feel honored to be a part of it. Some production companies represent tons of artists, which can lead to of a lack of opportunities and a colder relationship, which is totally the opposite of what happens with FF. I’m looking forward to making more cool projects together in the near future.”

Final Frontier executive producer Gus Karam says:

“Serial Cut are trailblazers that established a new ecosystem of designers that transmit and transform emotions via graphics and 3D. Our industry would not be the same without them. In striving to create new trends and discover new opportunities, their philosophy feels perfectly aligned with our own. Nothing makes more sense than joining forces to create new possibilities together.”