Vine FX Delivers 500 Shots for Paramount+ Show, No Escape

Vine FX, the award-winning visual effects studio based in Cambridge UK, has delivered 500 shots for Paramount+ thriller, No Escape. 

Based on the bestselling novel The Blue by Lucy Clarke, the tale follows two best friends as they flee the UK police, seeking refuge on a yacht in South East Asia. Falling into a series of crises, the friends — Lana and Kitty — find themselves trapped in perilous waters with seemingly no escape.

One of the main tasks for Vine FX throughout the show was to create the look and feel of the vast Asian oceans, where the nomadic journey unfolds. It was important to evoke a sense of isolation in not only the wides, but close up shots as well — enhancing land masses to envelop the yacht deep in the depths of an almost endless environment.

As the project grew and effects requirements broadened, the Vine FX team was tasked with creating storm sequences that tear through the yacht. This included the development of a tumultuous CG ocean full of crashing waves, seafoam, mist, rain, and fog across more than 80 shots. The threatening look was achieved through carefully layered FX geometry and uniquely crafted elements that integrated with the intensity of live action material. Careful direction on location enabled Vine FX to produce a range of assets that would blend seamlessly with the footage.

“The client was happy for us to take the lead with the storm development,” says 3D Supervisor, Pedrom Dadgostar. “We had a lot of room to be creative in our approach, which allowed us to explore new ways of doing things — including working with CG creatures to add life to the oceans.”

Vine FX modelled, animated, and composited a school of CG stingrays to help build the authenticity of the scenes — showcased in shots both above and beneath the water’s surface. The asset team focused on developing realistic movements, working closely with Director, Hans Herbots, to ensure accuracy in their appearance and motion.

“It’s important to prepare meticulously for this kind of asset creation,” continues Pedrom. “Having the latitude from the client team was vital here. In much the same way as we approach invisible effects work, creatures need to blend perfectly with their environment to avoid pulling the audience out of the narrative.”

Invisible VFX is part of nearly every series out now. No Escape sees CG sails, mountainous set extensions, towns, and even characters falling from cliffs — which was achieved using a digi-double approach rather than live action stunts.

“Blending CG into a live action shot needs to look realistic to ensure continuity,” comments Lead Compositor, Alesja Surubkina. “We work carefully to ensure that none of the VFX work we do can be seen by the audience. It’s not about making that side of things obvious. It’s the opposite.”

No Escape is produced by Living Films for Paramount+ and is available to stream now.

About Vine FX

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