Wildthings Studio

We delve into a fascinating world of creativity and sustainability, where the art of animation comes to life in harmony with nature.

Welcome to a special corner in the beautiful mountains of Córdoba, Argentina, where an innovative animation and design studio has made its home and heart.

Nestled in this dreamlike setting, Wildthings merges the power of animation with a commitment to caring for and protecting our environment.

Inspired by the vast natural beauty surrounding them, the team sets out to create captivating animations for clients, both national and international, offering them a fresh and unique perspective for a wide range of projects. They also develop their own IPs that not only evoke emotions but also honor and respect the land that surrounds them.

In each project, animators and designers embark on an inspiring journey, starting with the Brief breakdown in a brainstorming session by the riverside. The artists find inspiration in the mountains, forests, and rivers around them.

It’s this embrace of the natural world that lends their animations and designs an authentic charm and emotional connection with the audience, carrying also message of sustainability and ecosystem respect in their personal projects.

This sustainable studio goes beyond aesthetics and technical prowess; it is a profound commitment to the community and the environment. Beyond cultivating a vegetable garden and having solar-powered heating, for every project they undertake, they purchase a tree to reforest native forests and share the carbon footprint compensation certificate with their clients. 

They actively engage in local conservation initiatives, have agreements with local flora and fauna reserves to participate in volunteer work, reforestation efforts, and raise awareness through design and animation about environmental issues, promoting responsible resource usage at every stage of the creative process. 

It’s a living testament to how art and ecology can coexist in perfect harmony, far from the hustle and bustle of big cities.

The studio stands out for its support to the local community through workshops and educational programs, inviting renowned artists from the industry to give classes, sharing their passion for animation with the next generation of artists, and nurturing a creative and conscious future.

Furthermore, they have an open program for other designers and animators to experience “working from the wild”, opening the studio’s doors for them to work for a while and get a close look at its unique dynamic.

In this regard, Wildthings reinforces the idea that working in a natural environment has a positive impact on mental health, helping animators concentrate on their work, leading to a balanced life. For the studio, the combination of animation and nature has proven time and again to be a winning formula. Having nature as their creative partner is not just their philosophy; it’s their way of life.

We invite you to discover the beautiful work of this animation and design studio working from the Wild to the rest of the world, where creativity intertwines with nature and where the magic of the Argentinean mountains comes alive in each animation.