Aivaras Ligeika | Orpheus

Aivaras Ligeika

From the creator:

Orpheus is a paper sculpture / installation made from 350+ cuts of paper created by Aivaras Ligeika. Custom-made glass showcase has a light installed in the base that gently illuminates the sculpture at night-time, creating a unique experience for the observer.

The author explores the relationship between a human and matter, and realizes the desire to form the environment reflecting the image of a thought. Hundreds of illusions cut from sheets of paper create a harmonious, sculptural object reminiscent of a mute symphony of dreams and ideas. The unsustainable matter embodies the fragility of the moment of the life of thoughts.

Author: Aivaras Ligeika
Cinematography: Dominykas Stelmokas
Composer: Sugam Khetan