Adidas Superstar 50th Anniversary


From the creator:

It’s already been 50 years since the streetwear legend Adidas Superstar was born. It seems like a good moment to remember its bright game-changing, team-working spirit.

We were invited to participate in this celebration under the executive creative direction of Hypebeast’s Enric Soldevila and The Others’s production, who asked us to direct this film belonging to the Superstar’s 50th Anniversary Campaign.

We wanted to truly convey the classic casual-sporty Superstar nature, yet updating the campaign to a more urban look and feel. We had the lucky chance to shoot with the actor, singer and dancer Jackson Yee and his incredible crew of dancers, whose street style not only gave us the contemporary mood we were looking for but also provided us the group element we had approached to depict a collective mindset.

Our main challenge was to blend live-action footage with the graphic universe we had proposed. We achieved it by using complex and seamless transitions that organically merged the characters with the animation world. In order to highlight the urban atmosphere and also to soften the interaction between live action and cel animation, we decided to include some FX on the dancers so to include a subtle digital touch. We finally tied everything up by adding some wild and frenetic type animations.

This project bespeaks a modern and contemporary approach on how typography, live action and animation not only live together but also merge and interact, playing with the flexibility and adaptability of all the elements.


Client: Adidas Originals
Agency: Hypebeast
Hypebeast Executive Creative Director: Enric Soldevila
Production: The Others
Animation Production: Device
Direction: Device
Live-Action Direction: Marcello Buselli and Choiyikwan
DP: Dustintung
Animation Director: Marcello Buselli
Art Director & Illustrator: Eudald Salarich
Cel Animation: Eudald Salarich, Genís Rigol, Casper Nykopp, Eze Cruz
Clean-Up: Eudald Salarich, Casper Nykopp, Eze Cruz
2D Animation: Pol Solà, Erik Righetti
3D Animation: Raül Peix
Compositing: Carlo Candido-Todesco
Music & Sound Design: Raül Peix