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From the creator:

Mezamé is a psychological therapy practice expanding across the US that is specialised in EMDR (eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing).
They have challenged us to create an animated explainer that could convey both their vision and their clinical approach, tackling complex and precise concepts in a relatively short period of time.

Reworking an initial script and going through Mezamé's brand identity, we grounded our storytelling narrative on three main concepts: the therapist-patient emotional journey, the eye as a portal to the mind, and the Zen Rock garden as a visual metaphor for the human brain.

Here is the outcome, thanks to a friendly and supportive client and a fantastic team.
Hope you enjoy it!

Client: Mezamé
Production: AIM Creative Studios
Producer: Tiago Ribeiro
Director: José Teixeira (Bandido)
Concept and Storyboard: José Teixeira (Bandido), Pedro Semeano and Susana Diniz (Adamastor Studio)
Art Direction and Illustration: Pedro Semeano and Susana Diniz (Adamastor Studio)
Animation: Alexandre Braga, Alexandre Sousa
Motion Design and Compositing: Daniela Carvalho
Additional Motion Design: Ricardo Nilsson
Coloring and Texturing: Siddarth Sinha
Sound Production: AIM Creative Studios
Music Composing and Sound Design: André Aires
Recording Studio: Claraboia
Voice Over: Annie Einan