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From the creator:

First World War. 19 years-old Maï, sailor and deserter, crosses paths with Anna, 16 years old, young widow who just lost her husband to the trenches. Their horizon seems obstructed… but little by little, Maï and Anna revive eachother’s flame and desire from freedom.

This short film is an animation for theater play La Rage, directed by Louise Dudek, based on a text by Fanchon Tortech.

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Director: Alice SAEY
Animation: Alice SAEY
Scenario, Script: Alice SAEY, based on a text by Fanchon TORTECH
Set: Alice SAEY
Image: Alice SAEY
Special effects: Alice SAEY
Film editor: Alice SAEY
Rendering: Alice SAEY
Sound engineer: Charles AMBLARD
Sound editor: Charles AMBLARD
Mix: Charles AMBLARD
Soundtrack: Charles AMBLARD
Production: Alice Saey
Year: 2018