Back to Bits / Level 2 “SUPER 16”

Jerry Liu Studio

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From the creator:

Back to Bits is a series of animations created by artists around the world that share a passion for video games.

Created & Curated by Jerry Liu
Co-produced with Angela Liu
Website Developed by Peter Chi
Music & Sound Design by Wesley Slover

Level 2 - "SUPER 16" Contributors:

Allen Laseter
Andrew Embury
Andrew Kolb
Ben Boothman
Bob Rissetto
Carlo Vega
Catalina Rodriguez
Cole Roberts
Craig Kohlmeyer
Dave Pryor
Dylan Casano
Ewan Brock
Frank Summers
Gerald Mark Soto
Greg Gunn
Greg Lee
James Taylor
Jay Quercia
Jerry Liu
Joe Moccia
Jorge R. Canedo E.
Khylin Woodrow
Kyle Martinez
Louis Wesolowsky
Manu Correa Soto
Marco Giampaolo
Marco Ruesta
Mark Morris
Mary Varn
Mike Anderson
Mike Horowitz
Mike Mirandi
Minna Choung
Nick Patten
Nicolas Girard
Oliver Sin
Phil Borst
Rachel Yonda
Rafael Mayani
Salih Abdul-Karim
Sara Bennett
Tony Bui
Yussef Cole