Bifurk | IDEA 2023 Opening sequence


Idea is a competition celebrating the best of creative communication in Quebec. Inspired by the biggest national and international competitions, it celebrates the diverse talent of local professionals, artisans and clients.

Studios and artists submitting projects to these renowned competitions are like proud parents, wanting to show their little babies, thinking they have the best and most unique one. The opening sequence we created tells the story of a project being born, from the idea to final product.

We travel through a fast-paced journey from the chosen idea that we first plant, to the birth of an award worthy piece. It shows that it takes a lot of different steps and skills to conceive such an achievement… as well as just being a crazy 45s ride to hype the audience during the ceremony.



Conception and Direction: Etienne Vigneault
Illustration: Ilona Poliszczuk
Animation: Mac Wojcik
Frame by frame illustration and animation: Valerie Galchynska
Sound: Studio Lamajeure


@bifurkmtl, @maacwoj, @valerie.chy, @rybaki