Cabeza Patata x Spotify Premium Reel

Cabeza Patata

From the creator:

We were commissioned by Spotify for their 2019 Premium Campaign in which we worked closely with their creative team to develop a series of 11 videos and 25 illustrations on the theme of ever-changing moods and the ability of music to help shape and change our feelings.

Cabeza Patata - Katie Menzies & Abel Reverter

Lead 3D Direction
Laura Sirvent & Abel Reverter

Clothing and Textile Design
Katie Menzies

Clothing Design & Fabrication​​​​​​​
Abel Reverter & Laura Sirvent

2D Pattern Design
Katie Menzies

Lead Character Animator
Raúl Ibarra

Character Rigging
Laura Sirvent

Character Animation
Chill: Andrea Ferrara
Energetic: Daniela Avilés
Celebratory: Andrea Ferrara
Happy: Pablo Gonzalez
Optimistic: Raúl Ibarra
Empowered: Raúl Ibarra
The Feels: Daniela Avilés
Stressed: Pablo Gonzalez
Love: Charlotte Kristof
Exited: Raúl Ibarra
Confident: Pablo Gonzalez

2D Animation
Phong Luong