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Ryan D. Anderson

Delve into the intricate world of Ryan, a master of comedy, animation, and filmmaking, whose creativity knows no bounds within the confines of his small apartment. This multifaceted artist has crafted a space where humor and visual storytelling collide.

Ryan, the globetrotting comedian, has graced stages across North America, leaving laughter in his wake. From the renowned UCB Theatre in New York to its Los Angeles counterpart, he’s a maestro of comedic brilliance.

Beyond the spotlight, Ryan channels a decade of film and television experience into episodic animations and sketches. His audience? Two feline critics and the vast realm of the internet, responding with digital laughter to his every creation.

In 2015, Ryan witnessed his city shrouded in smoke, igniting a dedicated smoke/outrun horror season in subsequent years. Observing a dystopian touch with smoke masks for dogs, he questions society’s readiness to adapt versus actively address concerning issues.

The technological quirks of Ryan’s laptop are a metaphorical nod to his resilience, mirroring a world grappling with challenges. In the realm of Blender, he navigates the complexities of version 3.0, strategically creating in 2.93 for efficiency, and contributing to the Blender Stack Exchange community.

Pride emanates from Ryan as he unveils his creation—an NPR mirror in Blender utilizing the lineart modifier on reflections. Now, he’s immersed in perfecting the inverted hull method for consistent linework based on camera distance.

Explore the vibrant tapestry of Ryan’s artistic journey, where comedy, animation, and filmmaking converge into a captivating narrative. Stay tuned for more as this versatile creator continues to push boundaries and explore new dimensions in his craft.


Creator: Ryan D. Anderson.
Music – Stratus by Pete James Johnson.

From the creator:

Part of a series on nostalgia.

Music - Stratus by Pete James Johnson