From the creator:

There’s always something going on in Moscow. Only city’s coat of arms stays unalterable. It has four elements: a cavalryman, a horse, a spear and a basilisk. All of them can be redefined and merged into an image of slaying with the spear. Unique stories were created by 33 Russian artists who spoke to create a contemporary coat of arms of Moscow.

More details here — www.behance.net/gallery/85019199/gerb-moskvy-COAT-OF-ARMS-OF-MOSCOW

Concept: Misha Petrick — www.instagram.com/petrick.co
Producer: Nadya Petrick – www.instagram.com/greennadine
Sound: Daruma Audio – https://ru.daruma.audio/
Typography: ESH gruppa – https://eshgruppa.com

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