Cal Lomax | Collector

Cal Lomax

From the creator:

Inspired by Cabinets of Curiosities', Collector explores how we have come to understand the act of collecting; seeking to challenge how we perceive the 'commonplace' of the world around us and explores the hidden connections between all things. Forms and states transform over time, but what impact does our digital evolution have on such forms and collections.

Azoth co. is a powerhouse in the advancement of digital and physical asset integration, transmuting collections for collectors; influencing the natural cycle of transformation.

Collector premiered at OFFF Barcelona 2021.
Developed for OFFF Academy. Mentored by Studio Tendril. Powered by Adobe.


Created + Directed : Cal Lomax

Supervising Mentor : Chris Bahry
Producer : Jelena Sibalija

Sound Design : Angus Hamilton

Special Thanks:
Studio Tendril, OFFF Academy, Nathalie Koutia

Further breakdown available @ :

This short was developed as part of the Creative Mentorship ran by OFFF Academy for OFFF Barcelona. Selected as the winner in the motion category for OFFF Academy's 7 month Creative Mentorship, Collector was developed with the guidance and mentoring from Chris Bahry co-founder of Studio Tendril and the support of the entire Tendril team.



Cinema4D, Redshift, AfterEffects, Photoshop