“Dam,” a new short from Animade


Directed and animated by Milo Targett, with sound by Sonica Studios and Milo Targett.

From the creator:

Dam is a short film that explores what happens when a familiar environment is suddenly pulled from under your feet. The story revolves around a group of scuba divers who have adapted to live underwater, drinking, laughing and generally having a good time in the safety of their aquatic bar; until, in a matter of seconds, things start to go horribly wrong.

A studio project, the film was designed, directed and animated by Milo, with sound by Sonica Studios and Milo. See lots more, including behind-the-scenes sketches, on our site—http://animade.tv/notes/dam-animated-film

Full credits:

Design, direction and animation: Milo Targett

Creative direction: Ed Barrett and Tom Judd

Sound design: Sonica Studios and Milo Targett

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