Device | Montblanc


From the creator:

Montblanc has a worldwide reputation for their craftsmanship, innovation and longevity – now they’re taking that same philosophy and applying it towards more sustainable goals.
We worked together on their new campaign pledging for a greener future, to showcase the steps the company’s currently taking towards achieving net-zero.

Directed by: Device
Director: Raül Peix
Produced by: BOL
Executive Producer: Marcello Buselli
Agency: W+K Amsterdam
Producer: Tamara Sefcovicova
Illustrator: Luis Mendo
Additional Illlustration: Eudald Salarich
Cel Animation: Fernando Abaca, Giorgio Gore, Eze Cruz, Javi Vaquero
3D Animation: Raül Peix
Clean-Up: Eze Cruz, Daniel Soms, Núria Just, Pau Anglada
Compositing: Raül Peix