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The legendary quote “I have the power” was our driving formula to kickstart the new year. We wanted to pay tribute to the legendary He-Man, a character that has left an indelible mark on our creative souls.

In an energy burst of inspiration, we’ve reimagined this iconic warrior in a guise that could fit right in as a motion designer in our dyrdee studio. Initially, we wanted to tell the story of a hero shooting milk out of his nipples as equivalent to He Man´s magical powers, but our managing director was concerned that the world was not ready yet to process this kind of idea.

Visually we wanted to emphasize a mix of old and new in our creative process and chose to combine traditional 2D Cel animation with state-of-the-art 3D liquid simulations, glassy shading and neon lights. The shots were connected seamlessly, utilizing smooth camera transitions and spiced up by 80s glam metal music to climax on the company’s logo under an alien sky.

This is our wink to the new and older generation of coffee-loving, shorts-wearing, gym-seeking kids out there.

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Creative Director:
Ole Keune
Ljubisa Djukic

Sven Henrichs
Ninett Hartmann

Antonin Moucha
Sohrab Roshanaee

Jade Wu
Chau Vu
Konrad Müller


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