Eddy / Stéphane Berla | King of Sea


King of Sea is a short film directed by Stéphane Berla with music by Kwoon. On the coast of the Finistère department, a sailor bids farewell to his family. Soon he must go back to sea and this time he will not return… Years later, the boy who has become a sailor himself must also sail away. In the depths of the sea, a ghost from the past catches up with him…

King of Sea is a very special project for Eddy because, beyond its many artistic and aesthetic merits, this film is our first project made in VR! The expressiveness of the characters and the realism of the sets come only from Quill and Blender. The director did not use stop motion.



Directed by Stéphane Berla
Music by Kwoon
Brunch Studio
Head of studio – Jean-Charles Kerninon
Head of Production – Fabien Cellier
Line Producer – Emilie Revert
Production Coordinator – Brice Smith
Background Design – Raphaelle Stolz
Storyboard – Léa Rey Mauzaize
Design & Character Modeler – Stéphane Berla
Décor Modeling – Léa Peirano
Animation – Lana Choukroune
Animation – Phuong Nguyen
Layout & animation – Stéphane Berla
Animation Intern – Kévin Hamimi
Lighting & Render – Stéphane Berla
CG Supervisor – Guillaume Maillard
Pipeline & Developer – Radouane Lahmidi
Lighting & Render compositing – Stéphane Berla

Executive producers – Jean François Bourrel, Nicolas de Rosanbo, Céline Vanlint
Producer – Camille Principiano

Music composition – Sandy Lavallart
Featuring – Babet (Dionysos)
Musical saw – Stephan Bertholio (Dionysos)
Sound editor – Guillaume Jaoul
Mastering – Rémi Salvador (Evergreen Mastering

With the support of the CNC