Fasett | Collabor8 brand


Collabor8 is the portal that gathers all the tools for operators, partners, authorities, and suppliers on the Norwegian continental shelf. Fasett, in collaboration with 3D animator Børge Myrnes, developed and produced a brand video that presents a partly advanced collaboration platform in a more overarching manner.

Drawing inspiration from Collabor8’s playful and colorful brand, we crafted a visual universe that feels tangible and welcoming. In the animation, viewers follow a “user” navigating their way through different solutions and systems. Ultimately, they discover the perfect ecosystem tailored to their needs, thereby becoming a part of the solution for other collaborators as well.


3D Animation: Børge Myrnes
Music: Trygve Stakkeland
Story, Art direction & Motion Graphics by: Bernt H. Kommedal
Story: Morten Ek