Feral Child | Lush The Snow Fairy


From the creator:

A sweet scent sparks a journey through a snow-laden forest to the enchanted world of the Snow Fairy.

Story by Lush.

Direction & Production Design by FeralChild.tv
Director: Rogan van den Berg
Creative & Art Director: Nella Addy
Executive Creative Director: Carl Addy
Storyboard: Nella Addy, Nicolas Rix
Character Design: Nella Addy
Backgrounds: Nella Addy

RedStrings Studios
Executive Producer: Liza Uys
Producer: Jovan Janari
Animation Supervisor: Nicolas Rix
Animation: Nicolas Rix, Nella Addy, Sasha Perdigao , Wafiq Abrahams, Skye Davis, Tiaan Truter, Tristan Chesselet
Compositing: Dewald van der Merwe, Candice Wainwright

Sound Design & Score: Mountwavemusic (Matthew Dickinson, James Acker)