Al Boardman and five years of GIFs

Al Boardman

From the creator:

I started creating GIFs over five years ago. I especially love how the size, colour and time restrictions can really push you to distill and tell a story, how creating a seamless loop can be so mesmerising and how much immediate visual impact they can have.

I have a tendency to go through different phases with designs, where I might have a month of creating GIFs that just use a monochrome palette and only use simple abstract circles. And the next month it’s all about bright, cheerful, playful, bouncy geometric shapes. I guess it’s a bit like life, we go through phases, some good, some not so good. I think my work reflects this a little, maybe.

I’m an advocate for lifelong learning. I think if you stop being interested in learning and striving to get better at what you do, that might be when work starts to suffer and perhaps becomes repetitive. I love trying out new things with motion design and animation, exploring new ideas and having fun with what I do.