HBO “Westworld” Main Titles


Elastic and Patrick Clair crafted another opening credits masterpiece, this time for HBO’s highly regarded “Westworld” series.

The show takes place in a vast theme park populated by artificially intelligent androids that are indistinguishable from humans. The 100% CG title sequence uses 3D printing aesthetics as a metaphor for the issues of identity, authenticity and free will.

Created by created by Jonathan Nolan (brother of Christopher) and Lisa Joy, “Westworld” debuted on HBO on October 2nd, 2016.

westworld_0002_layer-1 westworld_0001_layer-2 westworld_0000_layer-3

From the creator:

Client: HBO

Director: Patrick Clair 
Lead Animator / Compositor: Raoul Marks
Design & Visual Research: Paul Kim, Jeff Han, Felix Soletic, Maxx Burman, Henry DeLeon, Dan Alexandru.
Storyboard Artist: Lance Slaton
Lighter: Shamus Johnson
Animator / Compositor: Yongsub Song
Head of CG: Kirk Shintani   
3D Artists: Jose Limon Jessica Hurst, Dustin Mellum, Rie Ito, Joe Paniagua, Mike Kash, Ken Bishop
3D Rigging: Josh Dyer 
Reference Photography: David Do
Producer: Ben Foster
Supervising Producer: Carol Salek
Head of Production: Kim Christensen 
Managing Partner: Jennifer Sofio Hall

Special Thanks to Jonathan Nolan, Lisa Joy, Bruce Dunn, Mark Hoerr, Stephen Semel, Athena Wickham, Roberto Patino and HBO.