Hoja (Feuille)

Dante Zaballa

From the creator:

Vaiana Gauthier and I were in the same city, and decided to celebrate by making a one-minute animation in one month.

We jammed with all materials we had, in A4 and A5 little pieces of paper.
It took us just a minuscule tiny little bit longer than a month (ages)

By Vaiana Gauthier, Dante Zaballa
Sound Design: Fede Chiclana


Glasgow Short Film Festival, Scotland (14-18 March 2018)
SIFFCY, New Delhi, India (11th - 17th Dec 2017)
El Meu Primer Festival, Barcelona, Spain (11th - 26th Nov 2017)
Sharjah International Children’s Film Festival, Sharjah (8th Oct - 13th of Oct 2017)
CPH PIX, Coppenhagen, Denmark (28th Sept – 11th of Oct 2017)
TIFF Kids International Film Festival, Toronto, Canada (07 Apr - 23 Apr 2017)
FILE, Sao Paulo, Brazil (22th Jul 2017)
Melbourne International animation festival, Melbourne, Australia (18th June - 25 June 2017)
Pictoplasma Festival, Berlin, Germany (10th May - 14th May 2016)
Hiroshima International Festival, Hiroshima, Japan (18th Ago - 22 Ago 2016)
Les-bobines-du-Loup, Paris, France (06th Apr 2016)