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It is never a bad idea to create something out of love.

This emotional piece of self-love and compassion is a love letter to all people struggling with self-esteem and body confidence.

It’s the perfect example of the type of work, craft, and messages we aim to create at Animagic.


From the creator:

I am more is an initiative by Animagic Studios to create a conversation around self-esteem and body confidence among young women, their families and social circles.

Using storytelling and digital media we want to raise awareness about this important social issue that is affecting the lives of millions of young women all around the world.

We want to inspire women to see themselves beyond their looks and see more than just a reflection in the mirror. To stare a little longer and find all aspects of themselves that makes them unique, valuable and beautiful.

This is a story to help you find your true self.

See the full project at www.iammore.ca


Directed by Animagic Studios

Creative Director - David Calderon
Art Direction - Alfredo Barajas
Classical Animation - Jordi Ayguasenosa
Mograph - Ignacio Osorio
Music - Tim Morrish
Sound Design - White Noise Lab
Voice Over - Brittney Audrey
Script & Story - David Calderon & Hector Luna

Subtitle author (English) - Animagic studios
Subtitle author (Spanish) - Animagic studios
Subtitle author (Catalan) - Animagic studios
Subtitle author (French) - Victor NOUCHI
Subtitle author (Arabic) - Vynom V-nom
Subtitle author (German) - Christian Behrens
Subtitle author (Chinese) - Kexin Liu