Ilanna Barkusky | Imagination

Ilanna Barkusky

In order to effectively pursue our goals, we often have to start with an unseen vision and use the power of our imagination to see the path forward. In this personal project, I wanted to reflect on the importance of self-belief and creativity throughout that process, whether it be in sports or life in general. Whether it be an artfully designed basketball court or following your path as an athlete, it all starts with the idea.

From the creator:

Director: Ilanna Barkusky
Director of Photography: Justin Schaefers
Drone Pilots: Sammie Siang & Josh Ewalt
Animator: Grace Shin
Talent: Jordan & Jayda Adams
Editor: Julian Milo
Sound: Keith Ruggiero
Producer: Patricia Bilotti

Special Thanks: Alana Casner & Karlie Samuelson