Kevin O’Shea | Knitted Pixel – First Battle

Kevin O'Shea

From the creator:

First Battle is a personal project with the aim of creating a visual interpretation of the warm nostalgic feeling of playing games from childhood. I set out to make a short, contained piece filled with detail and nods to the original game.

The square aspect ratio is reminiscent of the original GameBoy screen. Hidden throughout the film are the First Generation Gym Badges, in the same order which they would be found in the series. There is also a single Pokemon placed in a shot which, when combined with the surrounding elements, forms a pun. What better way to pay homage to the game than to create a game.

Created in Maxon C4D, rendered with Octane and composited in After Effects.

The screen goes black. Are you ready for your first battle?

Created by Kevin O'Shea
Written by Kevin O'Shea and Emma Pacey