La Liga de La Animación Iberoamericana |

“La Liga” is the union of the three main animation events in Ibero-America: Quirino Awards (Spain), Pixelatl (Mexico), and Ventana Sur (Argentina). Their common goal is boosting the creation and development of audiovisual projects in the region.

Luckily we were invited to bring their logo to life in only a 10-second loop. Of course, we couldn’t resist taking that idea to another level.

Creativity-wise, came up with a crossover of different animation clichés to develop a “League of Superheroes” who get together to fight for the good of the animation industry.

Inspired by their 80s vibe logo in bold colors, we have created a one-minute short film with a simple narrative and minimalist visual style.

To top it all, with the help of @ahrestudio, we’ve created an original soundtrack that sounds like the beloved 80s series.

We have achieved a heroic and epic adventure, just as it is developing animation in Ibero-America.

We hope you enjoy it.


Created, Crafted and Directed by:

Creative Director: Dalmiro Buigues
Animation and Art Director: Martin Dasnoy, Dalmiro Buigues
Executive Producer: Ignacio Godoy

Character Design / Background: Fernando Carmona
Animatics: Martin Dasnoy
Animation and Cleanup: Martin Dasnoy, Emanuel Gimenez, Patricio Rey
3d Generalist: Nico Buzeki, Dalmiro Buigues
Composition: Dalmiro Buigues

Original Music: AHRE studio for “La Liga”
(@pixelatl @premios_quirino @animationvs )