Mach Studio | The life of a unicorn tribe


Our first NFT collection in collaboration with Vegetta777.

Sold out in less than a minute.

“In 2077, two australian explorers lost in India, Albert and Mark, crossed a rainbow door that led them to another dimension. A parallel world inhabited by incredible creatures: unicorns. Here, you will see a window into the world of these animals. A collection of excerpts from different moments and moods illustrate the wonder and beauty of these beings”.

Credits: Production company: Mach Studio
Creative Direction: Rafael Merino
Technical Direction: Victor Llorente
Art direction & CG art: Evelin Meiriño, Victor Llorente, Rafael Merino
Design of Unicorn & Concepts: Pablo Camarero
VFX: Alvaro Rebollo
Modelling: David Olaya
Rigging: José Martín
Animation: Ernesto Cabeza