Maggie Dave – I’m Not Ready

Cassie Shao

It is an animated music video for LA-based band Maggie Dave’s new single I’m Not Ready.
It is a mixed-media video that combines digital character animation with acrylic paintings to create a dreamscape journey, wherein a world too fast for one to catch up with, a sheep-shaped man patiently awaits for a never-incoming train.

From the creator:

Directed & Animated by Cassie Shao
Produced by Sean David Christensen

“I'm Not Ready” written by Maggie Dave
Vocals & keyboard: Sean David Christensen
Synthesizers: Mark Christopher & Ricky Berger

Vocals engineered by Ricky Berger
Mixed by Ricky Berger & Mark Christopher
Mastering by Trevor Case

--Official Screenings--

2020 Athens International Film + Video Festival
2019 Flux Screening Series Fall edition at the Hammer Museum
2019 Music Video & Shorts Night #3 at the Gold Diggers