Studio River

From the creator:

Our team was proud to partner with ‘Motion Plus Design’ festival for its 4th edition in Paris. On this occasion, we showcased a brand new film. Rather than presenting yet another showreel based on client references, we preferred to manufacture an original film built around storytelling and personal artistic experiments.
We wrote a short video format cut out like a showreel in terms of rhythm and form, but composed of brand new shots, each one following a different artistic direction to illustrate the versatile visual approach of the agency. The idea was to create a more authentic format than the mere showreel, with a pinch of humor that characterizes us, but also to make fun of ourselves as well as of the assumptions and the clichés in our professional field.
-Sept 2020-




Direction : Studio River

Script : Keyvan Nourian
Motion designer artists : Keyvan Nourian, Pierrick Selva, Elie Nourian, Alexandre Scariot, Mathilde Sauterel
Sound design and Music : Keyvan Nourian
Live shooting : Ben Gonzalez

Actors : Maurine Tric, Pierrick Selva, Ben Gonzalez, Keyvan Nourian