Mifuma Grain Waltz


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From the creator:

Filmic product staging

Since its birth in 2012, we have been supporting Mischfutterwerke Mannheim GmbH in all design matters from corporate design to packaging design and print products. In the process, we have been able to present the valuable feed in a variety of ways. For the filmic product staging of the brand we could now really let off steam: The grain waltz shows the concentrated energy of Vitalperle, Aktivmüsli & Co.


Agency: aerosoap
Concept & Design: Frédéric Wiegand, Thomas Wirtz
Creative Direction: Frédéric Wiegand, Thomas Wirtz
Set Construction & Performance: Frédéric Wiegand, Thomas Wirtz

Video: grown videoagency
Director of Photography: Thomas Hessmann
Camera: Thomas Hessmann, Clemens Florack
Editor: Samuel Dommermuth
Color Grading: Thomas Wienholt

Client: Mischfutter Werke Mannheim