Missouri Lottery

Nexus Studios

From the creator:

Nexus Studios presents 'Cause an Effect' directed by Johnny Kelly for Missouri Lottery.

Johnny Kelly’s typically tactile animated spots for Missouri Lottery depict a miniature academic universe inside a lottery vending machine, to show how profits help to fund the state’s public education systems.

The entirely CG sequences show a dollar journeying through the machine and acting as a catalyst throughout various stages of student education. Each room comes to life when the note arrives, and nothing moves unless it is powered by the dollar.

Nexus Studios’ 3D artists tackled a variety of challenges for Johnny including creating miniature trees from scratch, whittled wooden characters and a convincing grass ‘flock’ texture.

Client: Missouri Lottery
Title: Cause an Effect
Length: 2 x 30”

Client: Missouri Lottery
Executive Director: May Scheve Reardon
Chief Marketing Officer: Nancy Rollins
Advertising Manager: Rhonda Fehr

Agency: Barkley
EVP / ECD: Katy Hornaday
Creative Director: Doug Hentges
Creative Director: Chris Cima
ACD/Writer: Jordan Breindel
ACD/Art Director: Jeremy Gilberto
Writer: Courtney Hoenicke
Art Director: Audrey Wilcox
Director of Integrated Production: Melany Esfeld
Agency Producer: Shawn Wallace

Production Company: Nexus Studios

Director: Johnny Kelly
Senior Producer: Isobel Conroy
Production Manager: Annika Bauer
Production Assistant: Connie Black
Lead / Supervisor: Dave Hunt

Art Direction: Callum Strachan

Modelling & Texturing: Nur Diker Koksal, Carl Kenyo, Dorianne Fibleuil, Remy Dupont, Felip Docolomansky

2D Animatic: Dylan White

3D Animation: Matt Morris, Gary Cureton, Benjamin Tron

Lighting & Rendering: Carl Kenyon, Valérie Guichard, Dorianne Fibleuil

Compositing: Germán Díez, Ken Hau

Music, Sound Design & Mix: Antfood

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