Mobility Credits


From the creator:

Are you from Coventry, UK? Do you have an old polluting car? Want to save on travel costs?
Then the Mobility Credits initiative is what you're looking for!

Check this gem we did for the Coventry City Council. It has all the info you need. And maybe some that you didn´t know you need.

Use your Mobility Credits wisely!!!

Creative direction: Mariano Fernández Russo
General Production: Ana Sieglitz and Juliana Millán
Production Assistant: Caro Cantero
Animatic: Mariano Fernández Russo
Art Direction: Fernando La Mattina
Art: Flor Tasso, Pablo Cuello, Juan Barabani, Juliana Chiapello, Mariano Aponte, Juana de Marco
Animation Direction: Mariano Fernández Russo, Maricel Piazza
2D and Motion animation: Maricel Piazza, Pablo Cuello, Emmanuel Zampalo, Katherine Pryor, Micaela Gabot, Vicente Ziegler, Fernando La Mattina, Beló Qu, Emilia Abot
Clean up: Alan Mohamed, Sofía Díaz
Compositing: Mariano Fernández Russo
Music/Mix: Facundo Capece
Sound Design: Felipe Barandalla
Agency: Koala 


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