Mobility Credits


From the creator:

Are you from Coventry, UK? Do you have an old polluting car? Want to save in travel costs?
Then the Mobility Credits iniciative is what you´re looking for!

Check this gem we did for the Coventry City Council. It has all the info you need. And maybe some that you didn´t know you need.

Use your Mobility Credits wisely!!!

Creative direction: Mariano Fernández Russo
General Production: Ana Sieglitz and Juliana Millán
Production Assistant: Caro Cantero
Animatic: Mariano Fernández Russo
Art Direction: Fernando La Mattina
Art: Flor Tasso, Pablo Cuello, Juan Barabani, Juliana Chiapello, Mariano Aponte, Juana de Marco
Animation Direction: Mariano Fernández Russo, Maricel Piazza
2D and Motion animation: Maricel Piazza, Pablo Cuello, Emmanuel Zampalo, Katherine Pryor, Micaela Gabot, Vicente Ziegler, Fernando La Mattina, Beló Qu, Emilia Abot
Clean up: Alan Mohamed, Sofía Díaz
Compositing: Mariano Fernández Russo
Music/Mix: Facundo Capece
Sound Design: Felipe Barandalla
Agency: Koala