New Year’s Experiment

Bee Grandinetti

From the creator:

My husband has been fascinated (possibly slightly obsessed) about drawing machines for a while now, and at some point he figured out this lil' hack on his 3D printer to repurpose it to draw with normal pens.

He was testing it with some Moebius drawings and I thought the result was awesome! Even though it was printed by a machine, it had a very human quality to it, full with flaws and line variations. And so many endless cool explorations one can do with different tools and surfaces to print on :)

We thought it would be fun to do a (very homemade) animated experiment together, printing 24 frames and giving them to friends as a New Year's card.

Happy 2019, everyone!


Design, animation and music: Bee Grandinetti
Printing: Murilo Polese