Niceshit Studio | Blue Dog

Nice Shit Studio

From the creator:

We’re absolutely thrilled to be presenting Blue Dog: an animated, full of energy short film and also our first and very own beer.

We teamed up with our good friends and just killer brewers at Gross to create this crazy dynamic film along with a signature Niceshit craft Beer.
Inspired by their independent, punky-rebel essence we wrote from scratch this rollercoaster ride of a story, a non stop persecution of this police dog in the endless chase for at least one last drop of this juicy and refreshing hazy IPA.

Produced by Niceshit and co-directed with the great friend of the house Leo Campasso we put together a concise yet stellar team that made this possible, from the blank page, hundreds of ideas to the last tiny details.

We are for ever grateful to the Gross team for giving us this opportunity, blind trust and our first signature beer and to the amazing team of friends that poured so much love and work into this masterpiece.

Last but not least, we want to give a huge shout out and big thanks to Facundo Capece & Lola Ritcher, two sound magicians that always have our back and just keep excelling themselves. Thanks for everything, once again.

If you have the chance, we recommend you a bigger screen that your phone and some proper headphones :)

Made with love by Niceshit.



Produced by Niceshit
Client: Gross Brewing
Directed by Niceshit & Leo Campasso

Creative Directors: Carmen Angelillo, Guido Lambertini, Rodier Kidmann & Leo Campasso
Executive Producer: Agusta Timotea
Written by Leo Campasso
Art Direction: Rodier Kidmann, Carmen Angelillo & Bianca Sangalli Moretti
Animation Directors: Leo Campasso & Guido Lambertini
Design & Illustration:Rodier Kidmann & Bianca Sangalli Moretti
Cel Animation & Clean Up: Leo Campasso, Ezequiel Cruz, Bianca Sangalli Moretti & Ana Freitas
Edit & Compositing: Guido Lambertini, Ana Freitas & Carmen Angelillo
3D Animation: Guido Lambertini & Leo Campasso
3D Render: Carolina Carballo
Music & Sound Design: Facundo Capece & Lola Ritcher