Perception | Moon Knight Main On End Title Sequence

In preparation for their newest Disney+ series, the team at Marvel Studios asked our team at Perception to design an incredibly unique title sequence to match an equally unique hero – Moon Knight. This sequence focuses on the tone of the series, which are dark and mysterious, yet sophisticated. Our goal was to create something that would be “elegantly unsettling”. One main element we used within this sequence was reflections – a tactic used notably in the series to help Steven Grant and Marc Spector communicate.

To create such a detailed and unique sequence, our team at Perception utilized various programs and software to bring each frame to life. After mocking up each frame in Adobe Photoshop, we began building scenes in 3D using Cinema 4D, which was where we crafted most of our shots. For more complex frames and effects, our team utilized Houdini.

(c) 2022 MARVEL

Credits: Co-Founders: Danny Gonzalez & Jeremy Lasky
Senior Producer: Eric Daly
Chief Creative: John LePore
Creative Supervisor: Doug Appleton
Art Supervisor: Seiji Anderson
Junior Producer: Jamie Young
Artists: Vivian Amaro, Nocky Dinh, Sarah Anne Gibson, Vlad Lysenco, Nick Principe, Zak Tietjen