Pilot Pens turns 100


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Making of here https://vimeo.com/251182749

Mika, Pilot and Troublemakers were made to meet each other and who better than Lucas Zanotto to tell the story of this creative idyll? In this film produced by Troublemakers, the talented director was able to transcribe the colourful world of Mika and the brand that is unique to Pilot's 100th anniversary. A world filled with energy, moose graphics, contrasting colors, unconventional ideas, music that makes you want to dance, and pens that resonate with writing.

Client. Pilot
Title. 100 ans
Talent. MIKA
Brand Manager. Ken Schoellhammer
Marketing Operational Manager Europe. Marta Espadas

Agency. Nouveau Monde DDB
Art Director. Gilles Pinsonneaux
Copy Writer. Bertrand Lepere
Creative. Maxime Colin
Account Director. Christine Brun
Project Manager. Laetitia Armand

Production. TROUBLEMAKERS.tv
Director. Lucas Zanotto
Executive Producer. James Hagger
Production Manager. Benjamin Zorilla
Production Coordinator. Felipe Bernard
Production Assistant. Rebecca Oxland-Isles
Production Assistant. Mathilde Siméon
Location Manager. Kim Shewy
Location Assistant. Syrielle Monnoyer
Location Assistant. Alexandre Luu
1st Assistant Director. Antoine Poulet
2nd Assistant Director. Mélanie Le Portier
Director of Photography. Toby Howell
1st Assistant Camera. Olivier Greco
2nd Assistant Camera. Christian Langlois
3rd Assistant Camera. Tristan De La Selle
Making Of. Julien Petit
Gaffer. Guillaume Pitel
Spark. Germain Calvignac
Spark. Thomas Migevant
Grip. Martin Defossez
Art Director. Audrey Malecot
Assistant Art Director. Rabeir Ourak
Prop Assistant Rebecca. Oxland-Isles
Set Builder. Yann Dury
Set Builder Assistant. Nelly Cazal
Stylist. Yasmine Pennian
Stylist. Maria Jesus
Stylist. Josiane Blot
Hair. Richard Ashforth
Hair Assistant. Geraldine Fougerat
Make Up. Morgane Quere
Photographer. Karel Balas
Digital Assistant. John Chevallier
Assistant Photographer. Corinna Schulte
Editor. Romain Boileau
Nuke Compositor. Guillem Ramisa De Sotto
Colourist. Muriel Archambaud
Assistant Colourist. François Miens
3D Artist. Alexandre Scalvino
3D Artist. Nicolas Dufoure
Making Of Editor. Alexis Ghnassia

Talent Manager. Rich Isaacson

Music Mika Remixed by Riback
Edit & Mix Music: Kouz