Red Bull Surfing – Race & Surfing: A Brief History With Selema Masekela | IN PLAIN SIGHT

Claire Pinegar

From the creator:

An animated documentary for Red Bull Surfing’s mini series ‘In Plain Sight’.

Surfing’s history – from Africa to Polynesia to the Americas – is one that’s rich, diverse, and incredibly nuanced. So much so, that we are only beginning to scratch the surface and understand it. Voiced by Selema Masekela, the film explores the varied roots of surfing’s origin and its subsequent cultural evolution into what we recognise today.

In partnership with 1 Planet One People, a collective activation that supports climate action, racial and social equality.


Production: Five Fathoms & Inherent Bummer
Directors: Claire Pinegar & Jeremy Asher Lynch
Producer: Amanda Mesaikos
Voiceover: Selema Masekela
Design & Animation: Claire Pinegar
Writers: Eleanor Sheehan, Claire Pinegar & Jeremy Asher Lynch
Associate Producer: Cami Raben
Additional Animation: Freddie Hottinger
Music: Calvin Saxton & Collin Schlesinger
Sound Design: Calvin Saxton
Voiceover Recordinng: Sean Lavery

Red Bull Media House:
Evan Fontaine
Charlie Rosene
Joseph Guay