Rideview | Prototype 72


In a homage to the enchanting world of mecha anime, a story unfolds where imagination blurs the lines between reality and fantasy. At the heart of this narrative is a vehicle, not just any car, but the Acura NSX, a car celebrated for its sleek aesthetics and dynamic performance. This vehicle undergoes a metamorphosis, drawing inspiration from the legendary Gundam series.

The narrative begins with a traveler arriving at a foreign space colony called Side-8. Upon activating a control override, a vehicle rises from within the ship and undergoes a mesmerizing transformation, emerging as a racing machine imbued with the spirit and aesthetics of the anime’s giant robots. This re-envisioned car becomes the protagonist in a tale of high-speed adventure.

The heart of this venture lies in the collaboration of skilled artists. Directors John Kim and Yates Holley (Rideview) teamed up with renowned concept artist Robbie Trevino (Love Death and Robots), who lends his expertise to morph the NSX into something that feels like an exploration of childhood fantasies brought to life, turning a standard race into an extraordinary journey.

Adding to the experience is the auditory magic crafted by Mike Shaw (Dynamite Laser Beam), with a captivating score by Anthony Jimenez. Their contributions elevate the project, creating an immersive soundscape that complements the visual spectacle of the Gundam-modified NSX.

This tribute is more than a mere homage to Gundam; it’s a creative fusion of automotive design, artistic vision, and musical artistry, all coming together to turn a simple idea into an engaging and memorable experience.



Creative Directors: John Kim, Yates Holley
Executive Producer: Yates Holley
Associate Producer: Hiro Oni
3d Artists: John Kim, Yates Holley
Concept Artist: Robbie Trevino
Music: Anthony Jimenez
Sound Design: Dynamite Laser Beam
Sound Designer: Mike Shaw

Social Media Handles:

Production: @rideview.la
Creative Directors: @jonnyhomme, @xyatesxholleyx
Executive Producer: @xyatesxholleyx
Associate Producer: @ineedahiro
3d Artists:@jonnyhomme, @xyatesxholleyx
Concept Artist: @robbietrevinoart
Music: @riscamusic
Sound Design: @dynamitelaserbeam