Run Kick Shout | Obsidian “Changing the Game”

Run Kick Shout

From the creator:

Back at it again with our friends at Magma Capital. This time, the focus was a video aimed at changing the investing game for professional NBA and NFL athletes. We landed on an ambitious hand-drawn approach that is heavy in style and full of color. With an all-star team of designers and animators, we poured every single ounce of blood, sweat, and who knows what into this one.

Client: Magma Capital Funds
Project: Obsidian “Changing The Game”
Produced By: Run Kick Shout
Creative Director: Nick Hopkins, Erik Jensen
Design: Reece Parker, Juri Agostinelli, Carolina Lopez, Lilian Darmono
Animation: Bruno Brasil Animation, Nick Hopkins, Erik JensenAmanda Tolentino, Scott Pellman
Music Edit & Sound Design: Mike Regan
VO: Ant Grant

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