Shred / Masaki Yokochi | ENVISION

Masaki Yokochi

From the creator:

ENVISION is an experimental film that explores the capabilities of Unreal Engine as a fascinating tool to express an artist's imagination and skill with its amazing real-time capabilities.

The real-time render of Unreal Engine changed my creative approach and workflow because as I create I can feel and see the result immediately. It was a challenge to see what I could achieve without comping and less tweaking. Almost 99% of the work you see was created straight out of UE. I animated everything in UE with the only exceptions being the car simulation and the cloth simulation. All particles were created using Niagara inside UE. The tunnel was textured with Quixel Mixer, the car and headphone were textured with Substance Painter. At last, edited the shots of image sequences with audio and adjusted final color in After Effects.

I also used Metahuman to generate the human characters which were animated by hand to bring more lifelike qualities to life. I could have used Mocap but it was so fun to play with the animation rigs in UE which I enjoyed a lot! Overall it was a rewarding creative experience and I am excited to explore even more deeply with these amazing tools!

Created by Masaki Yokochi
Executive Producer: Darcy Parsons
Music: Yari