Shred / Masaki Yokochi | ENVISION

Masaki Yokochi

From the creator:

ENVISION is an experimental short film that delves into the incredible potential of Unreal Engine as a powerful medium for artists to bring their imagination to life. With its astounding real-time rendering capabilities, Unreal Engine revolutionizes the creative process and workflow, allowing artists to instantly visualize and fine-tune their work.

The real-time rendering of Unreal Engine transformed my approach to creation, as it enabled me to see and feel the results immediately. I embraced the challenge of achieving the desired outcome with minimal compositing and tweaking. Almost 99% of the visuals you see were generated directly within Unreal Engine. I animated all elements in UE, with the exceptions of the car and cloth simulations. All particle effects were created using Niagara inside UE, while the tunnel was textured with Quixel Mixer and the car and headphones with Substance Painter. Finally, I edited the image sequences with audio and adjusted the final color grading in After Effects.

To generate the human characters, I utilized Metahuman, and then animated them by hand to infuse lifelike qualities into their movements. While I could have opted for motion capture, I found immense enjoyment in working with animation rigs within Unreal Engine, which enriched the creative experience.

Overall, this project proved to be a rewarding journey, and I am eager to continue exploring the endless possibilities offered by these cutting-edge tools in the realm of artistic expression.

Created by Masaki Yokochi
Executive Producer: Darcy Parsons
Music: Yari