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Stas Santimov

Spooky Loops is a collection of ultra-short films that originally started as a series of GIF animations. I created these shorts between 2021 and 2024. When the war began in Ukraine, the themes of the GIFs changed dramatically. Initially, they featured mystical, fantasy, supernatural, and horror stories. However, during the war, these themes were replaced by social satire and sad stories of cruelty, violence, and intolerance. Fantasy animations gave way to real nightmares, which I reflected in my GIF series, almost like a visual diary.

This film was not initially planned, but after some time, I decided to compile all my previous animated shorts into this collection. Not all animations were included, as many turned out to be too naive and kind. When compiling this collection, I aimed to mix fantasy works with sad caricatures of modern society. Human cruelty, anti-humanism, and the propaganda of violence are the main themes of most of the films presented.

All GIFs were created frame by frame, mainly in Adobe Photoshop.


Most of these animations, along with those not included in the film, are available on my website:


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