Swatcheroo: A short film for an After Effects tool

Patrick Dias

From the creator:

In this short film, a strange creature enters into a new world, and is quickly adopted by a colony of rabbits.

Zack Lovatt—AE technical guru—approached me to do a quick and simple release video for his After Effects tool called Swatcheroo, a tool that let's the user swap colours in a composition with ease using a familiar swatch UI. I said, "well if you let me do a short film instead, i'm in". To my surprise, he said yes, and I unexpectedly spent the next several weeks drawing litters of bunnies.

To our knowledge, this is the first "short film" created for the release of an After Effects plugin or tool. It was also mentioned on the School of Motion's year end podcast episode where they talk about exactly that.

Process can be found here

Directed by Patrick Dias
Sound by Jason Stamatyades
Special thanks to Janet Mac