Tail of Two Farms | Versus


Versus partnered with Edelman on an animated story of farming practices called “Tail of Two Farms,” for NUTRO Pet Food. The natural pet food brand charged the companies with creating the modern fable to highlight the importance of protecting healthy soil as a key ingredient in growing food for our future, in partnership with actor and advocate Ian Somerhalder.
“Our goal was to create a film that looked and felt like no other, where the characters, the farms, and even the soil felt tactile and organic like you could reach out and touch it,” said Justin Barnes, Versus Executive Creative Director.
Developing a unique and ownable 3D animation style of storytelling with an authentic depiction of ecosystems and farm life posed a substantial challenge, leading to extensive research and collaboration with agriculture experts.
“The seamless integration of art and science was crucial to tell this story in a way that felt deeply emotional while also presenting farming practices in a real and understandable way,” said Luis Aguirre, Director at Versus.
Versus embarked on a comprehensive development journey for “Tail of Two Farms,” beginning with script development that led to a one-of-a-kind 3D animation style that breathed life, personality, and emotion into each moment and character.



Agency: Edelman
VP, Executive Producer: Denise Sante
Senior Producer: Raymond Hauserman
EVP, Executive Creative Director: Marianna Ruiz
VP, Creative Director: Bernardo Gomez
VP, Creative Director: Armando Zuniga
MD, Client Strategy and Development: Melissa Hinds
SVP, Account Director: Christine Zinker
SVP, Brand Purpose: Drew Mitchell
VP, Account Director: Steven Lovern
Senior Account Supervisor, Brand Purpose: Chelsea Hawkins
EVP, Head of Strategy: Jenn Lore London
SVP, Connections Strategy: Michael Byrnes
SVP, Director of Project Management: Julie Pawelek
Senior Director, Global Program Portfolio Lead: Richelle Peters

Production Company: Versus
Director/CD: Luis Aguirre
Editor: Luis Aguirre
Managing Director: Rob Meyers
EP: Kathryn Henderson
EP/Head of Sales: KC Gulino
ECD: Justin Barnes
Producer: Colin Blaney
Script Writer: Liza Wyles
Storyboard Artist: Victor Gatmaitan
Character Design Artists: Simon Ampel, Diego Barcellos
CG Creative Director: Marcos Sampaio
CG Producer: Luciana Okawara
Project manager: Vinícios dos Anjos
Account manager: Stella Forlevize
Technical Director CGI: Wallan Oliveira
Assembly CGI: Guilherme Pupo, Luiz Duduch and Thiago Silva
Post Producer and Comp Supervisor: Cauê Andrade
Post Production: Cauê Andrade, Claudia Espíndola, Guilherme Pupo
Concepts and Colorkey: Lucas Matos and William David
3D artists: Cláudia Espíndola, Diego Loz, Felipe Mayer, Guilherme Pupo, Lucas Bernardes, Lucas Ceccon, Lucca Moleta, Luiz Duduch
Animation Supervisors: Francisco Catão and Rodrigo Dutra
Animators: Bruna Berford, Diego de Paula, Fernando Tavolaro, Fernando Telles, Fernando Donizetti, Francielle Zucolin, Gabriel Carmo, Gustavo Bertozzi, Jonathan Edward, Leonardo Puccinelli Paul, Marcio Kakuno
Rigging: André Rüegger, Caio Hidaka, Danilo Pinheiro, Gustavo Santos, Saul Almeida
VFX: Fernando Tavolaro, Guilherme Pupo