The-Artery | SodaStream “Rainbow Story”


Multi-award-winning creative company The-Artery has partnered with production company Jiminy Creative to bring to life a brand film for SodaStream.

Directed by The Artery’s Uri Schutzer, the brand film, entitled “Rainbow Story”, visualizes key moments from the life of Emmy-nominated actress and LGTBQ+ activist Laverne Cox through both live-action content and classic 2D animation. The narrative follows Cox from her childhood to the accomplished woman she is today. The animated compositions, which were led by The-Artery’s Yonatan Tal, include Cox transforming into a flying superhero, colorful parades, the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling protecting LGBTQ+ employees against discrimination, as well as much more.

In celebration of Pride Month, the brand is launching a limited-edition sparkling water maker kit, also named “The Rainbow Story”, empowering the community to share their personal pride stories. A portion of proceeds will be donated to global NGO ILGA World.

The brand film comes on the heels of “The Small Things” (featuring Snoop Dogg), which was also created by The-Artery, Jiminy Creative, and SodaStream.

Client: SodaStream International
Creative: Jez willy, Wayne Hanson, Yariv Ratner
Production Company: Jiminy Creative
Director: Uri Schutzer
Exc. Producer: Kobi Hoffmann
Post Producer: Orit Pinco
Production Services: Rodeo Show
Production Service exc. Producer: Hani Selim
Service Producer: Dawn Hoffman
Director of Photography: Itai Neeman
Production Designer: Adam Jette

Stylist: Christina Pacelli // The Only Agency
Hair: Kiyah Wright
Make-up: Tay Rivera Nails: Eri Ishizu // Opus Beauty

Editing Company: Jiminy Creative
Editor: Yair Tamir
Edit Assist: Sivan Meisliz
Soundtrack // “My Rainbow”
Original Music: Tomer Biran?
Sound Design: Avi Zonshine, Broadcast Media

VFX, Color, Animation & Post: The-Artery
Executive Creative Director: Vico Sharabani
Executive Post-Producer: Deborah Sullivan
Post Producer: Emily Brown
Animation Supervisor: Yonatan Tal
Animation: Joey Karwal, Miles Schlenker, Josh Brennan, Vivian Le, Greg Barry
Flame: Aarif Attarwala, Asaf Yeger, Micky Gorenstein
CG: Joe Grundfast
Color Grading: Stephen Picano

Versions and Adaptations: Studio V.01