The Home of Pink Pepper Gin

Sentio Space

From the creator:

The Home of Pink Pepper Gin invites its audience into the fantastical world of Audemus Spirits, a distillery in Cognac, France. Sharing the key botanicals that are distilled to make its award winning gin. Crucially, two ingredients are omitted from the story and remain a guarded secret.

Director/DOP: George Warren
Producers: Oliver Trace & Benjy Barkes
Production Company: Sentio Space
Model Makers: Helen Ferguson, Beattie Hartley, Emma Hodgson, Emma Niemis, Alice Simonato, Maria Negredo, Natalie Jones
Set Carpentry: Yossel Simpson Little
Stop Motion Animator: George Carman
2D Character Design: Maria Morris & Angelica Lena
2D Animation: Maria Morris
Graphic Design & Additional Post Production: Leuan Lewis
Music & Sound Design: George Grinling
Voiceover: David Hargreaves
Voiceover Script: Jay Daniells
Shot at: Clapham Road Studios