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AIM Creative Studios produced a series of three films for TED-Ed & Forethought Foundation, in which we explore the ethical stance known as longtermism, which is the idea that we should be doing more to protect future generations.

The Forethought Foundation aims to promote academic work that addresses the question of how to use our scarce resources to improve the world by as much as possible.

Supertalented director Jon Mayes has done a fantastic job of mixing various techniques to create this film, along with a bespoke soundtrack composed by André Aires.

Client: TED-Ed & Forethought Foundation
Production: AIM Creative Studios
Producer: Tiago Ribeiro
Director: Jon Mayes
Design & animation: Jon Mayes
Music composing & sound design: André Aires

Techniques used in this film:

  • Elements & character modelled/rigged and textured in C4D
  • Character clothes designed and animated using Marvelous Designer
  • Exported as alphas and all comped in AE to arrange the scene
  • C4D camera dolly zoom tracked data brought into AE using Cineware tag
  • Timeline animation and typography designed in AE
  • All set up on 3D layers in AE to do the pan in
  • Final 2D FX pass done in AE frame by frame with imported Photoshop brushes





From the creator:

Is the 21st century the most pivotal time in human history? Explore how the decisions we make now may impact humanity’s future.


Is it possible that this century is the most important one in human history? The 21st century has already proven to be a period of rapid growth. We’re on the cusp of developing new technologies that could entirely change the way people live— and could contribute to unprecedented levels of existential risk. Explore how the decisions we make now might have a major impact on humanity’s future.

Directed by Jon Mayes, AIM Creative Studios.

Learn more about the long-term thinking required for humanity to thrive:

This video made possible in collaboration with the Forethought Foundation
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