The National Lottery “Thank You”


Art&Graft’s “Thank You” is a follow up to “The Road to Rio” campaign they created for The National Lottery and agency AMV BBDO.

Some added details from Art&Graft:

Continuing the Norman Wilkinson-inspired landscapes from previous films, each of these projects were brought to life in stunning illustrative environments showcasing the historical and natural wonders of the British Isles.

As Creative Director Mike Moloney notes, “We were determined to build upon the visual language developed in the previous films and continue to push the level of character animation on both a technical and creative level. The number of characters was increased four fold including an ambitious final crowd scene of over one hundred people and the higher level of detail in modeling and texture afforded us the opportunity to add even more personality and charm throughout the journey”.


From the creator:

Designed, Directed & Produced by Art&Graft